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Top 10 insights you didn’t know about G. Allen Mercer’s series: Worst Case Scenario



#10: In Book 1 the opening scene starts with Ian and Mary on a plane that is in the midst of a crash…I actually wrote that scene while on a Delta jet from Houston to Atlanta.  We had just passed over the lake where I had my characters crash.  Spooky!


#9: Longtime Fans of my Facebook page will know that I travel the world on a regular basis, and that well over 50% of the 6 books, and Collapsing World, have been written in hotels, on airplanes or in one of many Delta Sky Lounges.  Point from the book: Originally, the first 4,000 words from Book 4 – The State was intended to be part of a stand alone book focused solely on the Atlanta characters and their fight to stop the nuclear attack.


#8: Grace is the character that I am asked about the most.  She is not perfect, although she comes off as perfect.  She is NOT modeled after anyone in particular; she is a combination of a number of people that I know, where I took their best trait and rolled it into Grace.  What you don’t know about Grace is that she has a wild streak.  When she was younger, she used her smarts to out whit teachers, her friends and even her parents to get away with things that she shouldn’t have.  More details later…hint…hint...these will come out in the 2019 series, Survival Republic.


#7: Birmingham Bob Tiller is loosely based off a valve engineer that I met while visiting a nuclear power plant in the mid-west.  I actually don’t do him justice; the real character is just that, a real character.  Also, the only reason that Bob came about was because I wrote Grace and Anna into a situation that I had no intention of getting them into (lost, and camping on the Tiller Farm.)  Originally, they were supposed to make it home and bug out with Leah to a location that I never mention, but is actually a real place in my life.  The creation of Bob, and the entire Tiller family, dramatically altered the path that I wanted the story to follow.  I always knew the ending, I just wasn’t sure how we were going to get there once the Tillers joined.  Cool, huh?


#6:  The books in the Worst Case Scenario series have been downloaded over 50,000 times.  I get more feedback about how I keep 'family values' as a central theme.  I get thanked for providing real world Prepper tips.  TBH, most of it comes from common sense, and having an active imagination.


#5: The characters and events in the Collapsing World series, were originally intended for Worst Case Scenario – Book 4: The State to be exact. .  I also edited out Airman Perez from WCS Book 6 War Dawgs.  Although she is a kick ass character, she has her own story line, and I didn’t want to muddy the WCS world too much. I think there will be a web only story about her in the future.


#4: Ian Burrows… I receive love and hate mail for Ian.  He is flawed.  He has emotion that is hard to control.  He is not always in control of situations around him; even though he wants to be.  He is smart and has terrific situational awareness. He is a leader.  He is human.  He is a devoted husband and father that wants nothing more than to protect his family.  There is a lot of Ian in me, and a lot of me in Ian.


#3: I have the privilege to have been in contact with some of our men and women that serve America in the armed services.  They mostly tell me how much they enjoy the stories.  These ‘touches’ by those that would put down their lives so that my family can live freely empower me, and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.  I promise that I try to get the military lingo and gizmos down right, but sometimes I get it wrong…it is never intended. (It's a magazine, not a clip...I get it!!!)


#2: The fans of the Worst Case Scenario Series are the absolute best!  We have a terrific Facebook and email following that exceeds my wildest imagination.  You want to know more about the series.  Am I right?  Yes?   So, here it goes, a dump of info:


  • Mary started out as everything that I disliked in a person, and turned into one of my favorite characters.


  • Adam Tiller was a character that was never supposed to happen, but I needed a way to get Ian and Mary to the Tiller Farm. (See #7 above - the Tillers were never part of the original plan)


  • Anna was always intended to be a sniveling child that would never ‘get it’ about the new world order. That is until I started writing about the Tillers, which gave her a role model in Violet Tiller. (Again, see above)


  • I secretly want the Jeep that Grace dives in the first four books. I love that Jeep.


  • I am really a Prepper…but, will never be as good as the Burrows.


  • Leah is more naturally beautiful than I ever make her out to be in the books.I always found beauty in her confidence, her intellect and her athleticism.


  • Many of the sights that I talk about in the book are actually places in Alabama.I would encourage you to visit ‘Sweet Home’ and find them for yourself.



#1 I have written my entire life.  Writing gives me joy and allows me to use the talent that God loaned me at my creation.  Writing the Worst Case Scenario series has been incredibly fulfilling and allowed me to dive into a genre that rocks with gifted authors and exposed me to a new type of fan base.  Finally, it was always my intention to continue after the conclusion of the WCS series with a series dedicated to Grace.  So, the last insight is…Look for the first book in the new trilogy, Survival Republic, this summer.  Cheers, thank you, and happy reading!


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Happy reading and please stay prepared,


G. Allen Mercer


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