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Underlying Grace

The first book in the Underlying Grace series.


Have you ever questioned 'why' and 'what' your life is about? Did you ever wonder if you had a purpose? Have you ever asked God these questions?

Neil Abrams did...and he got an answer.’


The story follows Neil after a tragic car accident.  Unsure if he is dead or alive, Neil walks a path with God and discovers that the life he thought was broken, is actually filled with Underlying Grace.



Mighty To Save (June 2015)

The second book in the Underlying Grace series.

Neil and Claire have made radical changes in their lives and the lives of their children.  They have followed God's calling and have found their passion for serving others.
Oldest child, Josh, must struggle between his drive to help everyone and what it will take to rescue a child from human trafficking before it is too late!


Justin Flowers and the Orb of Time

The first book in the Defenders of History Series - Author's Edition (Summer 2015) - Original release 2003

The first book in the time traveling Defender's of History series.  Justin Flowers descends from a family of time travelers sworn to preserve the balance of the timeline.  The only problem is that he doesn't know that he has these powers or that this is his destiny!


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