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G Allen Mercer

Author of Amazing Action Adventure Stories That You Will Remember!

Survival Republic Cover Web.jpg


Worst Case Scenario
Release Late 2024

What's Your Worst Case Scenario?

Who Do You Save?

How Do You Get To Them?

Are You Prepared?

Most People Aren't...

The Worst Case Scenario & Collapsing World series will have you clenching your gut, holding your breath and rooting for the right people to make the right decisions! 

What would you do if your Family was out there?

For those that know, I've had some serious changes in my life over the last few years, and that has kept me from finishing Survival Republic.  I'm happy to report that I should release the book late 2023.  

I can tease this...the mission that the War Dawgs are embarking on is critical to the survival of the USA as we know it...a Republic.  I have gathered all of the characters in Worst Case Scenario and  Collapsing World so the two stories are now one!

There is a VERY GOOD chance that I will release  the first chapter for free prior to the actual book release, but ONLY to those on the mailing list.

I look forward to your reactions to the new book and giving Grace, Joshua, Ian, Adam, Clark, Jack and Lucy and all of the other War Dawgs a new opportunity to save the world!

Worst Case Scenario
A Family's Fight for Survival

Worst Case Scenario
2024 Release

Survival Republic Cover Web.jpg


The fight for survival continues for Ian and Grace after Joshua is critically injured and Adam is missing in action. The United States is being held together by a thread and the War Dawgs find themselves in the middle of the action. The survival of the beacon of the free world is in balance, and Grace has an opportunity to tip the scale...that is, if she can recover from her own personal losses.

Worst Case Scenario - SURVIVAL REPUBLIC

Coming Fall 2024

In your worst case scenario, what is the one thing that you care about? 

Your family.

Terrorism has come to the streets of America and Leah's only concern is to save her family.  With no communications and society falling apart at the seams, Leah is desperate to bring her daughter home and discover if her husband survived the attack.   In order for Leah to help her family, she will first have to deal with the fallout of a lawless society and those that will stop at nothing to create chaos. 
Read the Amazon Best Selling first book of the series, and start your journey to see if the Burrows family can come together and survive their Worst Case Scenario. 

If your family was out there, what would you do?

Collapsing World:
The Parallel Series to WCS

Jack and Lucy were unescorted minors, traveling alone through the Atlanta airport, when the attack on America commenced.


In this new companion series using the events from the best selling action adventure dystopian series, Worst Case Scenario, strangers are thrust together to fight for survival. Facing exposure to radiation, being burned to death, or suffocating in the catacombs of a forgotten structure, are the realities for survival in this new Collapsing World.

If you enjoyed the Worst Case Scenario series of books, then you will find yourself wanting to go help Jack and Lucy yourself!

The dystopian, post-apocalyptic realm around the once great city of Atlanta is the backdrop for this new companion series. Hang on to your seat, and hold your breath because it will take both for this new band of average people to survive what’s coming next in their Collapsing World!


The Underlying Grace Series

One of Amazon's top selling Inspirational Fiction Ebooks in 2014!



God allows us to make our own choices...

It is not very often that He reviews them with us.


Have you ever questioned 'why' and 'what' your life is about? Did you ever wonder if you had a purpose? Have you ever asked God these questions?


Neil Abrams did...and he got an answer.


Amazon Ebook or Kindle Format

Amazon Paperback


Mighty To Save



Book 2 in the Underlying Grace series.


In the exciting follow-up to the heartwarming and thought provoking novel Underlying Grace, Mighty To Save delivers even more action, suspense and assurance that God is always present in our lives.  Mighty To Save picks up a few years from where Underlying Grace left off. The Abrams family has moved to Honduras, enabling Claire to start a mission and Neil to pursue his passion for writing. Everyone feels that they are finally on the right path, that is until an abused child, cast off from the underworld of human trafficking, shows up on the steps of the mission and changes their lives forever!


Filled with action, Mighty To Save will beg you to ask the question, "Are you using the talents God gave you?"


The NEW Defender of History Series for Teens and Young Adults


Justin Flowers and the Orb of Time is book 1 in this teen time-traveling adventure series!  Get your copy today!

Justin Flowers and the Land of Mystic Time is book 2  in the series. Justin isn't the only time traveler in his family...and he might not be the most powerful!  Get your copy today!

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